Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Lynchstock Music Festival 2018 as we celebrate 6 years of music! Without you, we would not be where we are today. Every year, our volunteer team helps us create an exciting, worry-free environment while providing our attendees with a memorable experience!


What does it mean to volunteer?

Our volunteers are the face of Lynchstock Music Festival to the Greater Lynchburg Community. As a vital part of our team, you will help us support our guests, vendors, artists, and festival staff - making Lynchstock Music Festival fun, safe, and unforgettable for everyone.

What does a volunteer get?

1.) The opportunity to work with a fun group of music and art lovers right here in Lynchburg!
2.) Food and beverage will be provided as you work throughout your shift.
3.) A free T-shirt (only available to those who work one full 6 hour shift)
4.) Free festival entrance (after you work your shift, of course).

What positions can I work?

  • Ticketing

  • Artist & Vendor Check-in

  • Volunteer check-in

  • Hospitality

  • Merchandise

  • Production & Security

  • Load-In & Load-Out

  • Parking

  • Clean Team

  • Perimeter Watch

  • Beer Services

  • Production Office

  • Pre-Launch Party (Friday Night)

How long are the shifts?

All shifts are 5+ hours long, and times will depend on the position. We request that all volunteers work at least one full shift.

How old do I have to be?

Minimum age to volunteer is 16 years old.
*All volunteers under 18 years old, must have a parent or guardian sign a liability waiver.

Can I receive CSER credit as a Liberty University Student?

Yes! As a Liberty University student you are able to receive CSER hours as part of our volunteer team. To receive credit register for CSER 399 - Special Projects in the Christian Service registration portal and select "VA - Lynchstock Music Festival" in the project drop-down menu. To register and for more information visit www.liberty.edu/cser.

Note: as a CSER volunteer, you will be required to work 20 hours total. This means you will be required to work more than one shift on the day of the festival as well as help the week leading up or after the festival.

How do I join the volunteer team?

You can join the team by following the simple steps below:

  1. Read the list of information and familiarize yourself with our protocol.

  2. Fill out the Volunteer Application below.

  3. Attend at least one pre-Lynchstock meeting.

  4. Respond to any follow-up communication from festival staff.

  5. Show up to Lynchstock Music Festival with a smile and ready for a fantastic experience!



Name *
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Will you be needing college credit?
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What positions are you interested in? *
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Liberty students seeking CSER credit are required to work 20 hours to qualify.
Liberty students seeking CSER credit will be required to work prior to the festival to meet their 20 hours.
Shirts are unisex.